AFW 2017

Today I went to Anime Festival Wichita with my friend Courtney. Courtney and I really enjoy going to conventions together. We actually met at AFW several years ago and have been friends and convention buddies ever since.

We almost didn't get to go. Though she'd had the plan to go all along, I didn't think I'd be able to until the last minute. Once I realized I could go everything was a whirlwind to get ready. Making plans, getting my (albeit unimpressive) Pokemon trainer costume together, everything. But it all came together beautifully and we got to enjoy one of the best days I've had in a long time.

Me and Courtney on the way to the convention!
I'm a Pokemon trainer and she's a character
from Under the Garden Wall

Watch out! A Zombie Alpaca-lypse! Run for your life!

Courtney convinced me to try on one of the kimonos
(since she bought like ten of them!) and I
ended up looking really good! It matched my cat ears!

I bought Courtney a rabbit backpack because
I ended up leaving before she did.
She loved it! I got a pink one to match!

I forget the name of the drink, but I had strawberry
pocky for lunch and Courtney
had chocolate-bananna!