A Living Room Re-decoration Marathon!

Today after I got back from the Goodwill with my mom and aunt, I decided that I would spend the day redecorating my living room. I've been on a sort of redecorating kick lately, having done the bedroom yesterday. I wanted to get that done before my dental surgery on March 23rd so I would have a place to lay and be miserable and not be thinking about everything I could be doing to make it better.

Well, mission accomplished! So today I moved on to the living room, which I hadn't been expecting to do. I just kept having ideas all day long and that just ended up being my project!

I ended up setting our steampunk clock in the office, perhaps to be left there or perhaps to be put in the bedroom.

I feel like I should explain the lightbox message. Originally I had put in "The Inferno Room" from Beetlejuice, but we had mirrors across from it at the time and my husband thought he would be funny and turn it backwards so it could be read in the mirrors. That's why it's backward.

But I changed it to "💓Make Your 💘Own Magic 💓" which I actually really like a lot better.

The couch is actually just a normal brown couch that I like . . . but not a lot. It's a comfy couch and I don't want to get rid of it but it's just blah. Luckily I found a trick on Pinterest that said that if you want to dress up a boring couch, wrap the cushions in decorative throw blankets. These are ones I had lying around the house when  I wanted to try it (and it actually looks pretty good if I do say so myself) but I might try to find cuter ones at a later time.

I've had the tapestry since forever. It used to be used as a blanket, then a desk chair cover, then a pile in my closet for about a year because I couldn't decide what to do with it. I'm glad it finally found a home!

There's still some work I need to do to make it perfect. I want to add some Kawaii Shabby Chic style (ala Kelly Eden) in with the boho style since I'm the kind of person who likes to blend a bunch of different design concepts together.

So far, though, I really love how it's coming along. I don't think I'll ever be 100% satisfied, and that might be okay. My house is an ever-evolving organism that is in a constant state of change.