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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Princess Skye's Posset Recipe

Originally posted on the Princess Portal (where you're redirected to when you push the princess code button at the top of this page), I thought I would repost it here so that I could A) share it with people who hadn't read Princess Skye's blog all those long years ago, and B ) preserve it so that if her blog ever goes into the void her legacy will live on. If I ever find the original post I'll edit this and put the link here. Until then, here's the recipe (picture taken from her site and saved on my phone and uploaded on my Instagram so I didn't lose it.)

I love making myself a cup of posset when I'm feeling particularly luxurious. It's so warm and sweet that it helps make those cold winter nights so much more bearable---even enjoyable when you've got a good book in your hands as well!

If you guys try Princess Skye's posset recipe, take a picture of it and drop it in the comments! 

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