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Princess Skye's Posset Recipe

Originally posted on the Princess Portal (where you're redirected to when you push the princess code button at the top of this page), I thought I would repost it here so that I could A) share it with people who hadn't read Princess Skye's blog all those long years ago, and B ) preserve it so that if her blog ever goes into the void her legacy will live on. If I ever find the original post I'll edit this and put the link here. Until then, here's the recipe (picture taken from her site and saved on my phone and uploaded on my Instagram so I didn't lose it.)

I love making myself a cup of posset when I'm feeling particularly luxurious. It's so warm and sweet that it helps make those cold winter nights so much more bearable---even enjoyable when you've got a good book in your hands as well!

If you guys try Princess Skye's posset recipe, take a picture of it and drop it in the comments! 

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Princess Maker Refined (1 and 2)

On Friday I started playing these new games that Danny told me about some time ago called Princess Maker Refined. There's three games, though so far I've only played the first two. The premise is simple: You have to raise a daughter (in the first one she's an orphan and in the second she's a celestial gift from the goddess Venus (This might change depending on the zodiac sign you choose for your daughter, I don't know for sure)) by educating her, having her work, and raising up her stats.

The thing is, education is expensive and you have a very finite amount of money to work with. That's where having your daughter work comes in. She's given several jobs that you can choose from, and each one raises different stats. I liked this aspect because it still allowed you to work on her stats without having to spend an obscene fortune on education (and there's very much a chance that she won't learn anything anyway.)

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Random Chatter

I feel like crud today. 
Mostly because it's getting to be that time of the month (I'm not one of those people who is shy about talking about that sort of thing. It's a fact of life. Everyone knows that every healthy woman in her biological prime who isn't already pregnant has a period. It's not some shameful secret) and there's no way to describe how painful my cramps get. 
Last night I was in tears on the couch unable to move or speak for several minutes because the pain was so intense. Well, after the worst of it had passed, my husband told me that today I needed to make a spot on the couch or wherever I wanted to be and not move unless I wanted to. That he would try to take care of me as best he could, because he hates feeling helpless to do anything when my cramps are that bad. 
Well, I did what he said. 
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Tempura Shrimp Sushi Literature Club

There was nothing particularly special about today. I got up late, went to work, dealt with coworkers, and was at last allowed to come home.

It was then that the night turned into something special 💗💗

In truth there is nothing special about tonight, but it is special at the same time. I went out and got myself some Tempura Shrimp Sushi and Oh My God it was good! It was my first time trying Tempura Shrimp Sushi (why do I keep capitalizing it?) and I loved it! It was spicy, but not TOO spicy that I couldn't stand to eat it. Granted, that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish since I love spicy food and have a pretty high threshold for that kind of thing.

Now that I'm all showered and in my comfy Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas, I wrapped myself up in the heated blanket my mom gave me for Christmas and am watching Danny play "Doki Doki Literature Club" (expect a review once we finish!)

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