Lolita Challenge Week One: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have!

So I decided to take on the challenge set by FYeah Lolita to write about one lolita topic every week for 52 weeks. I was going to tweak it and make it once a day, but lets be honest, once a week is really more likely for someone like me who only sometimes blogs. I really need to get into it seriously though and this is the first step!

Okay, so this week's topic is 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have regardless of style.

Already we're starting out with a toughy! When I was younger I used to be super into the lolita fashion so I might've been able to answer this more easily. However, quite a long time has passed and I'm just now starting to rediscover how much I love the style and how much I missed it. So, given that what I once considered a wealth of knowledge about the style has waned quite a bit, I'm going to have to shake off the rust for this one!

1. Knee Socks

This one might sound strange but its true. As I've tried to get back into the style, I was actually able to purchase my first skirt, and I've got shoes that work well with the outfit, yet something is still missing because I have yet to find a decent pair of knee-socks to go with it. Sure I mean, my tights are great, but it's missing some of its innate cuteness without the socks.

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2. Petticoat

I've been able to get away with not having a petticoat because my one skirt actually has enough floof on its own to give it that lovely bell shape all us lolita fans all know and love. That being said not all skirts are able to retain that shape on their own. That's where petticoats come in. They give it the desired shape and are almost entirely unseen beneath the skirt. Though a lot of girls will pair the color of their petticoat to go with the color of their skirt in their coordination.
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3. Shoes!

Everyone needs shoes! Unfortunately, I've found that Lolita shoes are indecently expensive even if you buy them second hand from Wunderwelt. So if you splurge for actual brand shoes, I would get them in either black or white so you can pair them with a number of different outfits without having to spend a fortune on shoes alone.

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4. Skirts

Perhaps one of the most vital things a person can buy for their Lolita wardrobe are skirts. More important than Jumper Skirts or One Piece dresses, skirts can be made to adjust to any sort of style. I have a skirt in my closet right now that I've made into a Punk Lolita skirt, and when I go to my first Lolita meet with a local group of girls who share my interest in the fashion I plan to turn that same skirt into either a Country Lolita or a Gothic Lolita coordination--and its all based on how I wear one single skirt!
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5. Blouses

The weird thing about Lolita blouses is that they can be pretty dang expensive, but they're also easy to make yourself if you don't want to spend the money on brand. I recently discovered that if I buy a second-hand blouse and sew some lace onto the collar and sleeves, I can create something that looks like one I saw retail for $40, all without spending more than maybe $4 or $5.

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