Writing Update "Culling of the Lost Ones"

So for the first time in months, I feel like I'm my old self again when it comes to writing. I've hit a major roadblock when it comes to writing lately and haven't been able to shake it. I don't know what's been up with me lately but it seems like I'm over it! Or, at least, had a really good day! So here's my update!

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Project: Culling of the Lost Ones
Genre: Fantasy
New Words Written: 4834
Present Total Word Count: 5059

Things Accomplished in Fiction: We're just getting stuff going now. Working on getting the plot introduced and working out some of the smaller kinks. This is the second book in the Legend of the Last Mages series so I've got to figure out how to strategically place background information throughout so that it isn't an information dump, but besides that I think it's going pretty great considering I've barely been able to work for what feels like forever. 

Things Accomplished in Real Life: I've mostly been taking today slow. Went to the library and checked out a couple of books, wrote, and now I think I'm about to go play Princess Maker ( 3 probably but I haven't fully decided yet) or Long Live the Queen. I'm waiting for the paint on three shelves I'm painting to dry so I can do another coat. 

On Friday I'm expecting a package, and there may already be one sitting in the mailbox waiting to come in. One of the things in the Friday package is a sitting Sailor Moon figurine I bought off Amazon. I'm only going to have Usagi, since they're like $30 a piece, but I'm going to start collecting the others. 

Oh! and my friend Sadie sent me a picture of the Sailor Moon cross-stitch I asked her to make! It's sooooo cute! 

She's only got Sailor Jupiter left to go! I'm trying to decide if I want to put it in my bathroom or in the office. 

After Sadie gets her Etsy shop up, you better believe I'm linking it in a post!