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Tempura Shrimp Sushi Literature Club

There was nothing particularly special about today. I got up late, went to work, dealt with coworkers, and was at last allowed to come home.

It was then that the night turned into something special 💗💗

In truth there is nothing special about tonight, but it is special at the same time. I went out and got myself some Tempura Shrimp Sushi and Oh My God it was good! It was my first time trying Tempura Shrimp Sushi (why do I keep capitalizing it?) and I loved it! It was spicy, but not TOO spicy that I couldn't stand to eat it. Granted, that's a pretty hard thing to accomplish since I love spicy food and have a pretty high threshold for that kind of thing.

Now that I'm all showered and in my comfy Nightmare Before Christmas pajamas, I wrapped myself up in the heated blanket my mom gave me for Christmas and am watching Danny play "Doki Doki Literature Club" (expect a review once we finish!)

It's a normal night, although the part with the shrimp is unusual I guess,…
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Rules of Lolita

I'm a huge fan of Novala Takemoto, who wrote the story "Kamikaze Girls" which would go on to be a time honored favorite movie of mine.

Little do people know, Novala Takemoto also wrote a series of really awesome essays on Lolita culture. One of which really stands out to me today and I want to share it here with you guys.

"Rules of Lolita:

I want to become a lolita, you say. 
So become one, I reply.
What can I do to look like a lolita?
I have no words with which to reply to this.
You need a headdress, don't you? And a pannier.
Is this coordinate strange?
Is it not wrong for lolita?
Why do you want to do lolita?
Because it's trendy, because my friends do it...
If that's the case, you have no right to wear lolita.
If you just do what the others do, you will look like a lolita.
But I want you to think about something.
Who do you live for?
You think you want to be yourself, but you are afraid of isolation.
You yell that you want to be free, but you take comfort in followin…

Meet Salem!

We got a new kitty! His name is Salem, and according to the animal shelter he's only two months old!

The animal shelter had a discount on all felines, cats and kittens alike. I think adult cats were free and kittens were five dollars. We waited from around 11 to 4 for the attendants at the shelter to see us and let us see any cats. Our first choice got taken, and so did our second choice. We were mad because none of the other cats on their website really stood out to us. But by that point we'd waited for so long that we weren't going to leave without one.

Then after our name was called, the attendant said they had a cat that wasn't on the website and asked if we wanted to see him. She warned us that he had a kitty cold, but I didn't mind because I had a people cold (lol).

We didn't expect a cute little black cat to pop out of the cardboard box they used to bring him into the little room. We fell in love instantly, and had no choice but to bring this little love…

My Favorite Things about Fall

Where I live, we really only have fall for a few minutes before it takes a hard shift into winter. Okay, a few minutes might be a bit of an exaggeration but that's how it feels when one day the air is that perfect balance between warm (but not hot) and cool (but not cold) and the next its either ungodly hot or cold as balls.

Right now we're in the "cold as balls" phase, and a quick look at my WTForcast app shows that is not about to change any time soon.

Regardless of how short this time might be, fall is easily my favorite time of year. Not only because of the wonderful above-mentioned balance in the weather, but because I love the way the trees look when they're a crisp yellow-orange-red color with little hints of green still clinging on. Although it helps that my favorite holiday, Halloween, takes place in Fall.

My birthday and anniversary both take place in October (planned that way because it was mine and Danny's favorite month) and I looooooove when Sy…

Princess Maker Refined (1 and 2)

On Friday I started playing these new games that Danny told me about some time ago called Princess Maker Refined. There's three games, though so far I've only played the first two. The premise is simple: You have to raise a daughter (in the first one she's an orphan and in the second she's a celestial gift from the goddess Venus (This might change depending on the zodiac sign you choose for your daughter, I don't know for sure)) by educating her, having her work, and raising up her stats.

The thing is, education is expensive and you have a very finite amount of money to work with. That's where having your daughter work comes in. She's given several jobs that you can choose from, and each one raises different stats. I liked this aspect because it still allowed you to work on her stats without having to spend an obscene fortune on education (and there's very much a chance that she won't learn anything anyway.)

You've got to really pay attention t…

Pastel Goth Essentials

Now even though this post is titled "Pastel Goth Essentials" it is really more of a comprehensive list of the most popular aspects of the Pastel Goth fashion. Like any fashion, you can (and are encouraged to) shape your style in any way you want. Fashion isn't about following rules but is instead an avenue with which you can express yourself.

Lets begin with what I'm sure you're probably thinking (and if you're not, then feel free to skip this part of the post) : What is Pastel Goth?

Pastel Goth is known by many names: Nu Goth, Goth Lite, ect. But to me, its a distinctly different style than Nu Goth.

To me, Nu Goth is more of a serious take on a witch-like style. A more flowy, bohemian take on the Gothic subculture. A mixture of Goth and Bohemian with a little sprinkle of Beatnik on top for flavor.

Goth Lite I can probably get behind because it actually sounds really, really cute.

And, in its essence, that is what Pastel Goth is. It takes the basic elements o…

Book Review: This Book is Full of Spiders (Seriously Dude, Don't Touch it) by David Wong

A year or two ago, Danny told me about a book called John Dies at the End, which is unequivocally his favorite book. He was on me for months to read it and, finally, I gave in and bought it on my Nook. I read it off and on for a while but ultimately got distracted by other books and forgot about it until recently.

I ended up liking the first book so much that I asked for the second book, This Book is Full of Spiders, for Christmas this year. I finished it recently and thought I should do a review of it.

And my review is?

I loved it.

I can't really give much of a summary since it'll spoil a lot of the plot points from the first book. Just know that it's fantastic and you should go read it. Wong's writing is hysterical and heart-wrenching at the same time. He has an incredible and much sought-after ability to make you laugh your ass off in one place and ugly cry the next.

The narration in This Book is Full of Spiders, as well as John Dies at the End, is quick and witty.…