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A Day of Work!

Okay! Here's my progress on THE GILDED CAGE, a post-apocalyptic steampunk story I've been toying with for the last few months. I've started over on it twice now, and this is my most current draft. So far I think it's going really good and I've decided that this is the last restart I'm doing. I'm seeing this to the end, then worrying about the details. I'm already making mental notes on things I want to try and do better when editing time comes around and I'm actually really excited to implement them. After all, I'm still in the "laying down bones" stage. I don't really need to worry about the meat until later. 

Project: The Gilded Cage New words written: 1806 Present total word count: 74325

Things Accomplished in Fiction: After taking about four days off (seems like a lot longer, but it wasn't, now that I've thought about it) I finally got back into the swing of things. I was hoping to have done more than 1800-ish, but hey, tha…

Welcome to the New Blog!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new blog!

Up until now I've been using "Webs" to host my blog, but have recently begun to realize they may not be suiting my needs anymore (since APPARENTLY its too much to ask to put up my own pictures instead of ones with URLs) so I've moved on to blogger! If you're reading this, it means you've moved here with me, and I'm happy to have you!

I've never been very good at blogging up to this point, but I plan to improve on that. I promise to be more prompt and consistent with my posts, and I encourage anyone who reads to leave me a comment! I love hearing from people!

Recently I've come into possession of a couple of really good marketing books. They are:

Social Media Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (I LOVE the "For Dummies" series. They're really good and easy to understand (shocking, right? A series that promotes itself as something so simply a dummy could figure it out is easy to understand!)