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"Marie Antoinette--The Journey" by Antonia Fraser

For years I've admired Marie Antoinette. I know, I know, you're all thinking "lets eat cake!" (wrong queen, bee-tee-dubbs. THAT was said by a Spanish queen, and was attributed to Marie Antoinette by those who hated her) and the queen who spent France into ruin (actually true). But there's a lot more to her than you might think. 
First of all, she was the youngest daughter of Maria Therese, ruler of the Habsburg Dominions. The book even says that she was pretty much ignored throughout a lot of her childhood because she was the youngest daughter and therefore not a lot was expected of her. Not nearly as much as her brother Joseph, who was fifteen years older than her and who ended up taking the throne after their father died. So because of this fact, she was never given the same tools to rule a country as her siblings. 
On top of that, she took the French crown when she was around fourteen years old. Now, I don't know about you guys, but if I'd been given …