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Icky Fruits--- 30 Days of Writing Day 10


Pineapples are gross, in my opinion. I don't know why I don't like them. I guess it's the texture of them that I don't like. That's how it is sometimes with food that I don't care for. It very well might not be the food itself but instead the way it feels.

Yes, yes, I know this is a wrong way to feel about certain things but that doesn't make it any less true. Of course there are people with weirder reasons for not liking certain things out there in the world. It takes all types, as they say.

I think it also might have something to do with how much of a picky eater I am. It's one of Danny's biggest pet peeves about me. I'll say I don't like something when I've actually never even had it and it drives him crazy, especially since whenever he makes me have it I end up really loving it. Take Wendy's for example. For the longest time I didn't care for it, but that might also be because they've only just recently began…

Ageism-- 30 Days of Writing Challenge, Day 9

A lot of people believe that once you get old you're innately in able to do anything anymore. Beyond a certain numerical limit you're supposed to resign from life and wait for the inevitability of death.

I am not one of those people.

Personally I believe that a persons abilities after they get old is entirely up to them and the way they've taken care of themselves throughout their lives. If you lived a healthy, active lifestyle I don't see any reason why you cannot continue to do so well into your later years.

That being said there are some things that might become more difficult as you get older that has nothing to do with how you lived. Alzheimer's, for example, can happen to anyone no matter how they lived and it makes certain things impossible to keep doing.

But with the exception of things people can't help, I fully believe that people who think old people are unable to do something simply because they're old are full of shit.

A Good Book and a Bad Book --- 30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 8

Day 8 in the 30 Day Writing Challenge will be something of a review piece, since the topic is a "Book I enjoyed, and a book I didn't."

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See takes the spot as one of my favorite books. I've read it about a dozen times now and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's one of the only books I can pick up and have my attention held so thoroughly that I can read it straight-through without picking up another book to read in tandem. I'm not saying I've never finished another book, because that'd be a dirty lie, but it's one of the only ones I can finish in about a week without picking up another to read alongside it.

The story focuses on two Chinese girls, Lily and Snow Flower, who become laotong-- sworn sisters for the rest of their lives. The plot follows them through growing up from seven year old girls getting their feet bound to perfect lily shapes, to their teenage years when they get married, into adulthood wh…

Tattoos! Tattoos! Tattoos! ---30 Days of Writing Day 7

Boy I'm really just dropping the ball on this whole "30 Days of Writing" thing. It doesn't help when you just get busy doing something else and the whole thing just slips your mind, but here I am making up for what I forgot!

Day 7 is about tattoos. The challenge is to talk about a tattoo that I've got and if they have meaning, but since I don't have any tattoos I think I'll adjust the challenge a little.

I grew up in a family that, for the most part, doesn't give a crap about tattoos. That being said, my mother hates them. I know that if I ever got a tattoo I'd have to do it without her knowledge because all I would hear is about how I would look with them when I get old and all that jazz I'm sure everyone has heard from someone in their own lives.

The thing about this is I personally don't care about how I would look after I'm old if I've got tattoos. I think worrying about it something that the current and future generations will…

Someone Who Fascinates Me and Why--30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 6

Day 6 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is upon us! Today's Topic: Someone Who Fascinates Me and Why.

This is a tough one because a lot of people fascinate me, and a lot of the time I don't know why. But I guess if I had to pick one I'd say Norman Reedus.

If you've been following the challenge up to this point you'd know that he's my celebrity baby-daddy, and that I have so much Daryl Dixon stuff that my best friend thinks I should wear the helmet of shame.

But aside from being in love with him, he just fascinates me as a person. For example, the entire reason he has an acting career is because he yelled at someone at a party.

I know, right?!

Apparently he'd just gotten fired from a job and a friend invited him to a party, but he was still pissed off. When someone at the party did something that made him angry, he just let loose and screamed at them. A casting director for a stage show was at the party, saw him react, and told him to come audition for a play …

A Place I Would Live, But Never Visited-- 30 Days of Writing Day 5

Like Day 4, I am a bit late on Day 5. In my defense, though, I'm late because I was on the phone for so long last night and was too tired to do it by the time I got off. Either way, it's being done today. I don't know if it still counts as writing every day if I write three times in one day because I didn't write for two days in a row, but I'm going to say it does because it keeps things good.

Okay so Day 5 is "A Place I Would Live, But Never Visited."

Hands down: Ireland.

More specifically, the Irish countryside. Where it's green and wide everywhere and near a little village that looks like it's out of a fairy tale. Where is this place? No clue. Dunno if it even exists. But it's the kind of place I'd love to live.

This works out in more ways than one because my fiance, being both Irish and Scottish, would by no means be against living in Ireland. I think he'd enjoy the countryside aspect of it too because he'd be far enough away f…

Ten Interesting Facts About Me --- 30 Days of Writing Day 4

Okay, I'm late with day 4 but I have a VERY good reason:

It was May 4th.

May the 4th Be With You.

I had to get on Star Wars The Old Republic and play to celebrate. Ironically I only played for like ten minutes before losing interest (partially because I hadn't updated it in like six months so I had to wait two hours for it to update, and I've got the attention span of a goldfish so by the time it finished I was like "nah." ) so I guess most of this was out of being lazy.

Anyway, Day 4 is Ten Interesting Facts About Me.

So here we go!

I'm insanely introverted. The simple act of TALKING to people, especially ones I don't know well/at all, is a whole thing. I'll be the first to admit it's kind of ridiculous, but I can't help it all the same. I love Nickleback. They're not my FAVORITE band, but I don't understand the hate so many people have for them. They've got some pretty good songs.I think "Hey There Delilah" is the most r…

My First Love and my First Kiss ---- 30 Day Writing Challenge Day 3

I almost forgot to do today's writing challenge! I was so invested in reading the last bit of this book I've been working on that the time totally slipped my mind.

Okay, so day 3 is "My First Love/My First Kiss."

To be honest I'm still with my first, actual love. Being with him has taught me so much, and with him I've changed more than I ever imagined possible (and for the better), and with all this in mind I don't think any of the guys I dated before could be counted as someone I loved. Truthfully I didn't love them. I thought I did but those were the romantic fantasies of a teenage girl who sustained herself on the idea of finding the perfect love, but who later realized she'd been starved of it.

I met my first real love in my senior year of high school in our world literature class. That year we had three classes together: World Literature, Creative Writing, and some journalism class I can't remember the name of. For the longest time I didn…

My Earliest Memory--- 30 Days of Writing, Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the 30 Days of Writing Challenge! And number two is (drum roll) my earliest memory!

This was a hard one since I literally have the memory of a goldfish. Someone will say something to me and more often than not I'll forget, or I'll work so hard to remember that I'll end up mixing up information and still won't be able to do it. Memory and I will always be strange bedfellows--sometimes together and sometimes each other's dearest companion, but more often than not we come and go from one another without any commitment. Which is why I rarely use my hair curlers when I know someone won't be in the house for a few hours, and if I do I take a picture of the unplugged outlet so if I start to panic about burning the house down I can check my phone and reassure myself I won't be homeless when I come back.

That being said I still have a vague idea of when, I think, my shitty memory and I began to come together for the first time. I was a real little …

5 Problems with Social Media---30 Days of Writing Day 1

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So I'm partaking in a 30 Days of Writing challenge I saw on Facebook. I'll post the picture here.

So now, if you want to partake in the challenge, you can!

Now, because today is Day One of the 30 Days of Writing challenge, let's begin with #1 on the list: 5 Problems with Social Media.

I like social media. I do. Well, okay, SOME social media. I'm always on Facebook and lately have been more active on Instagram, but hardly am I ever on Twitter. As much as I like being a part of the whole social media thing there are some parts of it I definitely don't like.

Like first of all (and we're looking at you, Facebook) sometimes the platform will only let you see what it wants you to see. Half the time I'm not sure if anyone sees my posts from my professional page and if I get to a point where I'm pretty sure they do because my engagement number is high and my page views is high, it only takes a few days to drop into…