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Pin-up Hair Tutorials to Check Out

Like many people in the world, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to do my hair. If it were up to me it would probably just hang limp and lifeless without any hint of style to be found--and it wouldn't be from a lack of trying. I just have no idea what to do with my own hair because A ) nobody ever taught me, and B ) most of what I want to do with my hair is so niche that nobody in my everyday life knows how to teach me.

Which is a surprise, given that my mom once wanted to be a hairdresser.

But luckily we were graced with the internet, and from the internet came a beautiful place called YouTube. YouTube is a magical place where you can learn to do just about anything you can think of. It was how I got through my final college math class when I didn't even know what I didn't know.

And within YouTube are channels that hold within them video after video of hair/make-up tutorials. Some are easier to follow than others, but they're all a good resource for any level o…

Sanctuary is finished! Yay!

Project: Sanctuary
Genre: Steampunk/Post-Apocalyptic
New Words Written: 4,187
Present Total Word Count: 79,730

Things Accomplished in Fiction: WE FINISHED IT! YAY! WOO! LET'S CELEBRATE! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
It took the whole rest of the day, but I finally got Sanctuary finished! The ending sort of snuck up on me, and it's going to take some tweaking when the time comes to edit, but for right now I'm excited about the way it ended and hope that when it becomes available for purchase, everyone else will be too!

I'm kind of sad to see it ended, but not real sad because I know I'll get to come back and play with these characters pretty damn often before the series is over. More than anything I'm just happy I got it done!

Things Accomplished in Real Life: Not a lot to be honest. I've been working on Sanctuary all day. My mom and I did go get her on the wait list for an apartment so hopefully they'll call her before our lease is up.

But now that Sanctuary

Product Review: Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy

I came across these products by accident, to be honest. I bought one for my best friend as a joke because she's always moving (works two jobs, takes care of her household, and I think she just recently had a baby around this time. Or maybe her baby was a year old. I can't remember exactly), and because of that she was always exhausted. In hindsight it wasn't a hilarious joke, but the one I bought her was "Energy," and was orange ginger scented. She found it funny and used it on her birthday when she took a celebratory bubble bath. Turns out, she really enjoyed it. 
I'm not about to sit here and tell you that the Aromatherapy stuff from Bath and Body Works is a magic cure for what ails ya. I'm not a believer in healing crystals or any of that sort of thing. I'm not about to use alternative medicine to cure serious diseases that need proper doctors and hospitals to take care of. But, that being said, I think the Aromatherapy products are good for if you…

Writing Update

My writing updates have been pretty few and far between the last couple of days, mostly because I've written 90% of the ending to SANCTUARY by hand and couldn't really count my words to do an update.

But I've gotten a lot of it typed up now and can do the update!

Project: Sanctuary
Genre: Steampunk/Post-apocalyptic
New Words Written: 1568
Present Total Word Count: 75,537

Things Accomplished in Fiction: We're almost at the final scene! (I have it written down, but haven't transferred it over to the file yet, so does that count?) We've almost met the villain head-on in one of the most fucked up ways I can imagine. I'm still thinking about what will happen in the epilogue but we're getting close!

I'm trying to get this one finished before we move so that I can say I did finish a project while we lived in our apartment. Editing may not even start until after the move, but that one I'm not saying for sure because, knowing me, I'll try to pick it up ag…

Lazy Sundays

For the first time in God knows how long, I got to have a Sunday just to myself, and it was the laziest Sunday I've had in a while. I went to the store with my mom and did some grocery shopping for her house. This is the first time she's been out of the house in the past week or so because two Tuesdays ago she hurt her back lifting something up that she shouldn't have.

The story about what happened with my mom is as follows:

As I mentioned already, she hurt her back picking up something she shouldn't have. It got progressively worse from there and on Saturday we had to call an ambulance because she couldn't get out of bed. But the ER (who I'm pissed at because the nurses were downright cruel to her) gave her some medicine and it's been helping. We went to the doctor last Monday and the doctor did what she could to help, but mostly it's just been a slow process of her having to get better. But she's doing okay now. Tomorrow she's going to try and…

Downward Slope

Project: Sanctuary
Genre: Steampunk/Post-Apocalyptic
New Words Written: 1725
Present Total Word Count: 68831

Things Accomplished in Fiction: We're on the downward slope now with Sanctuary. I haven't been updating on it for a while because, mostly, I've been riding the wave of "this is going really well" and whenever I stopped working I was too tired to update (also I'm pretty sure I forgot until now.)

But to be honest, a lot of things are going down. The final fight is on our doorstep, and I've introduced a character that I expected to just jettison at some point before the ending of this installment--but now I think I'll keep them. Maybe use them again somewhere. This is one of those characters I could explain away if I decide I didn't want to keep them, and if I did I know exactly where they would fit in.

I'm so close to the end of this one that I can taste it. As you can see by the meter, we're 80% done and, if things keep going as well as …

Outfit of the Day!

Okay, so "Outfit of the Day" is something I'm going to try to keep up most days, though to be honest most of what I wear on the regular is jammies--unless I have to leave the house. Though sometimes I like to get dressed up just for the simple feeling of having gone that extra mile when there isn't really a reason.

Today is one of those days I had to leave the house, and today I decided to wear this.

The details of my outfit is as follows:

A black-and-white polka-dot shirt from Goodwill. It crisscrosses in the back and the sleeves are pretty short on me. An alien elastic choker from HotTopic.Maurices jeans, almost definitely bought from Goodwill (But I can't remember for sure!)  It's a simple outfit, but one that I feel I look good in (also Danny says I look good in it, and I approve of his opinion!) and that I enjoy wearing because of its distinct rockabilly feel. Especially now that I've got my brand-new cat-eye glasses. I had on red lipgloss but I ate r…

A Travel Bucket List

Contrary to what some people might believe about me, I actually really love to travel. I like to think about all the places in the world I'd like to visit someday if given the chance, to dream about what I'd want to see there once I arrive, to imagine all the pictures I would take and all the new experiences I would have. One of my biggest dreams is to have enough financial stability to be able to travel on the regular.

Here are some of the places I'd like to visit someday.

New York CityHarajuku, JapanParis, FranceLondon, EnglandIreland

New York City